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Torwar is the largest entertainment hall in Warsaw. Despite the passage of years, it still has not found a worthy successor. Although the National Stadium assumes responsibility for organizing the largest sporting events and music concerts, this happens very rarely. At Torwar, however, large events take place almost weekly.

Torwar Central Sports Center
Address: Łazienkowska 6a, Warsaw (Śródmieście, MSI Ujazdów)
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The first post-war hall in Warsaw

In January 1953, in response to public demand for a city ice rink, the authorities approved its design and issued a construction decision. It was decided that the facility will be erected in the immediate vicinity of the Legia facilities at Łazienkowska Street. After all, the facility was to serve numerous sports sections that practiced their disciplines on ice.

Already in November there was the first freezing of the glass. Sports stars such as Janusz Kalbarczyk appeared on her tests. This skater born in Warsaw was Polish champion 62 times. He participated in the World Championships nine times and was also an Olympic athlete from 1936. In addition to sport, he was involved in architecture, and his largest project implemented in Warsaw is Stegny skating track.

The ice rink was approved by the sports community, and the official opening match was moved a month ahead. The first official event was a hockey match between Warsaw CWKS and Gwardia Bydgoszcz. The "military" won this match 12: 3. Over the following years, Torwar Hall was a place of training for the national ice hockey team. The CWKS team and the Polish national team played their matches here.

After several decades, the facility was modernized. It was put back to use in 1999. A second hall was built in the vicinity of the old hall. The new building has a skating rink, and the original hall has been adapted to the needs of the sports and entertainment venue.

It is worth mentioning why 'Torwar' in general. The explanation is very simple: TRACK (in polish TOR) of WARSAW.


Torwar: sports, concerts, shows and fairs

A pitch of over 2,000 m2 and an auditorium for nearly 5,000 seats. It is thanks to these parameters that the events organized in the Torwar hall attract such a large audience. Of course, an equally important reason is the rank of organized events, and the stars from the world of music, sport and show business that appear here.

Torwar was designed from the very beginning with sport in mind. In recent years, matches of the Polish national team in disciplines such as basketball, volleyball and handball have taken place in the hall. Fans could admire the struggle in equestrian competitions, boxing duels and other mixed martial arts. There were such large events as the European Weightlifting Championships and the European Figure Skating Championships. Torwar is also a place where their league matches are played by the Verva Warsaw volleyball team. In 2020, the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters team will come here to give a real basketball show. In addition, the ice rink in the new hall is made available periodically in the form of a slide for residents. I must admit that it has enjoyed incredible popularity for years and here it is rather crowded.

Definitely more often than sporting events we can come here for music concerts. Until the construction of the National Stadium, it was Torwar who led the organization of the largest concerts in Warsaw, also world-class stars: Prodigy, Rihanna, Leonard Cohen, Snoop Dogg, Marylin Manson, 50 Cent, finally REM, Backstreet Boys, Chris Rea and Alicia Keys. Definitely the top world entertainment music, and to this should be added a lot of other artists, both from Poland and abroad. Native rappers have loved this place lately. In November 2019, an amazing Pezet concert took place, and in 2020 Taco Hemingway, Sokół and PRO8L3M will play here.

In the end, being an entertainment hall, Torwar organizes various comedy events, shows for children and fairs. Every year Polish Cabaret Night takes place here, and the stand-up representation in the country presents their latest programs, e.g. we recently had the opportunity to be at the phenomenal Bang 2.


Impressions from the performances

Over the past year or two, we've participated in several events taking place at Torwar. A few words about them:

Before the Legia basketball team moved the organization of matches to the hall in Bemowo, they were held in the hall at Łazienkowska. I happened to be at a few matches and it was excellent fun. Both due to the emotional meetings of the basketball players and the atmosphere in the stands.

I mentioned Bang 2. Ruciński, Pacześ and Lotek: three grooms who took the stand-up in Poland to another level. Both in terms of audience and show, and by the way entertain to tears. It is worth mentioning that the men played their combined program a few days in a row, each time selling out Torwar, and this indicates something. We recommend to all who like a dose of sharper humor.

The Illusionist's performance was a phenomenal show. The leading illusionists from around the world made a special impression on us. Each performer specialized in a different kind of illusion and had a different workshop. You have to remember that it's not only an illusion, but also great skills. One of them performed the famous Houdini trick and I must admit that the ability to withstand a few minutes under water in one breath is impressive. In addition, tangling out of the chains and getting out of the narrow cage, and all this being upside down. Watching it live my heart was beating harder.

However, the best of the events in which we took part was the Parov Stelar concert. This Austrian producer played one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Together with the audience, we danced two hours, but with songs like Catgroove and All night the whole hall was dancing to the music. Parov was supported by his vocalists: Elena Karafizi and Anduze as well as an orchestra consisting of trumpet, saxophone, trombone, bass and drums. By the way, a great drummer's solo was played by Willie Larsson Jr.

koncert Parov Stelar (3)





If you are interested in the largest concerts, large sports events or are just looking for some interesting attractions, you must check the repertoire of the Torwar hall regularly. The calendar of events is available on the official website. It is important because the tickets for the pitch and stands closest to the stage, for most events sell very quickly, and not all of us want to go to the concert sitting. I also do not recommend watching shows from the final places on the disc and the farthest stands. In short, it is worth buying tickets a few months ahead. First of all: a good place, and secondly: a ticket bought in the first pot will always be cheaper.

The level of organization: above all the sound system and stage lighting are at a very good level. We haven't yet come to a party where something wouldn't work. Small faults are not even worth mentioning. As for the around-party organization, there is a problem with queues, but here you can remedy coming early enough to the event. Catering is poor and it can be improved without a doubt. At this point, one should remind of the need to build a new sports and entertainment hall tailored to the capital, which officially has over 1.7 million inhabitants. Of course, this is not a accusation towards the hall. Torwar is simply not able to accommodate all willing people and quite often the tickate sale ends with a quick sold out.

Personally, we recommend to follow and check what is squeaking in the grass. Preferably on the fan page or the website of Torwar hall - information about planned events is the fastest there. Anyway, it's one of the most interesting places in Warsaw, presenting sports and entertainment offer.

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