Bródnowski Park

The years go by and it seems that time is good for the Bródnowski Park. It's hard to believe that about sixty years ago there were only arable fields here. And today? Today it is one of the most beautiful parks in Warsaw, founded in the Polish People's Republic.

The park perfectly fulfills its role, both as a relaxation zone with composed greenery, as well as a sports and recreation zone. Add to this modern and really large playgrounds, and we will get a place that is perfect for the center of a large housing estate. This is exactly what Bródnowski Park looks like. One of the largest right-bank parks in Warsaw, as well as a favorite meeting place around Bródno.

Bródnowski Park
Location: the area delimited by the streets: Kondratowicza - Chodecka - Wyszogrodzka and houses from the side of Rembielińska street;
Area: 25.4 ha

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A place of rest

The park was planned from the very beginning as a central leisure and recreation point for the residential district built since the early 1960s. The estate was to be built in the area of New Bródno, reaching far into the fields of the former suburbs, and in its central point a park was planned, which was to serve tens of thousands of new residents.

Historic Beginnings

A competition organized by the authorities won the project by Stefania Tarczyńska, which was then carried out in 1976-78. As a result of the works, a large park with an area of 25.4 ha and an irregular arrangement of walking paths was created. His style resembles English gardens, with a free, natural arrangement of greenery.

Over the next several years, it was dug up two ponds with an area of 0.7 ha, to make the park more attractive by adding a water element to its landscape. A new walking alley was also led with numerous benches, cleverly hidden in seemingly closed blocks formed by hedges. The avenue was built on the axis of Poborzańska Street and created, as if an extension of this street, only within the park. Some time later, from the south-eastern corner of the park a section of the plot was separated, on which a police station building and a technical object were built.

Over the last 20 years, the park has undergone further revitalizations, and the next one, which is to completely change the image of the park, is already underway, and its results are to be seen no later than in two years.

Park Bródnowski 1945-2017
Bródno Park in 1945 (30 years before its foundation), in 1982, 2001 and 2017.

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Natural values of the park

Numerous plantings of greenery in the '70s and' 80s already give very good results. After all, the more age-old the vegetation in the park is, the more luxuriant it is, the better it presents and gives the park prestige. Let's move on to how the park looks after almost fifty years of its existence.

Bródnowski Park has two main walking avenues. A slightly larger square with an extensive flower lawn and the inscription Targówek formed at their intersection, while the first of the water reservoirs is located next to it. This open space is separated from Kondratowicza street by a dense row of trees, thanks to which the noise from Bródno's main thoroughfare does not reach here. It is worth mentioning that the water reservoirs were adorned with water jets, and one of them was created as part of the Sculpture Park, is very pleasing to the eye.

The vegetation is planted irregularly and consists of various types of trees. Their largest concentration can be found in the south-eastern and central part of the park. Among the trees: lindens, oaks, plane trees and poplars. My favorite are Italian poplars towering over the rest of the park, next to the larger pond. There is also a coniferous species here.

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Sport, recreation and activity

Bródnowski Park is an ideal place not only for relaxation, but also for all physical activity. Therefore, those who like running, cycling, and those who prefer team sports should direct their steps to the park.

For sports

On the west side arose "Mermaids" playing fields. It is a public complex of outdoor pitches, and as you can guess, besieged mainly by young people. You can find there a small football pitch, volleyball (classic and beach), basketball, table tennis and free equipment rental. An artificial embankment was created from the south - a sledge hill from which you can also watch the Mermaid players. This object is managed by the VIII Jordan Garden.

How else is Bródno Park related to sport? Well, there are more basketball courts in the nearby playground, as well as a small skate park. Running enthusiasts can take advantage of the marked out runner path and completing a 5-kilometer running workout through a double loop. While this route leads in large part through the area without shade. Hence, it is more suitable for fast morning or evening workouts. There are also bicycle paths around the park.

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Thanks to its central location in Bródno, as well as the relatively short distance from the district town hall, annual events are organized in the park, attracting thousands of people.

The first of them has been taking place in Bródno since 1996 and this is it Knight's tournament for the saber of King Sigismund III Vasa. The event attracts knights enthusiasts, reconstruction groups and, naturally, many curious viewers. The program of events includes: reconstruction of battles, archery tournaments and cavalry demonstrations. Moreover: music shows and learning of medieval dance, in addition, throughout the park is located the entire craft village, which introduces the world of medieval burghers, trade, gastronomy and artistic crafts.

Much more people coming here during Targówek Days, and this festival lasts up to two days. Always during the weekend, which usually falls at the beginning of September. During these days, the park turns into a great fair with numerous stands, offering various products. In the western part of the park, a stage is created where performances and concerts take place. The film music concert performed by opera soloists and musicians of the orchestra of Józef Elsner was definitely the best from my point of view. It was probably in 2017.

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Other attractions

Let me complete the image of the park, at the end a few words about other attractions. Don't want to miss Sculpture Parkcreated in 2009 on the initiative of a local artist - Paweł Althamer, and co-created by the Center for Contemporary Art. All the works that arose as a result of this project are scattered throughout Bródno Park. There are some really great jobs out there, but my favorites are: Sylwia, Bródno and Residents from Bródno.

Let's move on. Przystanek Gofrowo this is another point on the map of the park that should be visited. As you probably guessed, you can buy waffles, ice cream, cold drinks, including beer, which on hot days we drink on deckchairs right next to the premises.

Last but not least, or Film Capital of the Summer - annual summer film screenings held in several places in Warsaw. The Bródno Park is therefore no exception, moreover, it regularly takes action every year and allows nearby residents to participate in evening screenings. A deckchair, a pleasant breeze, a partner next door, a romantic comedy and starry, cloudless sky - a perfect idea for an evening for two;).

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With the child to the park

It is known that you can go for a walk with the child in the park, feed the ducks, or simply have a picnic in the clearing. However, in the Bródno Park, we can make your child's time more enjoyable.

You can take him to the part of the park intended strictly for kids. We will find there among others Sensory Garden, put into use in 2019, and created as part of the latest revitalization, intended to significantly modernize the park. The garden affects all basic senses and so directs the children's fun so that their brain is stimulated by various sensations.

There are also modern playgrounds with various elements that I could only dream of when I was young. The surface of two of them is made of rubber-like material, additionally presenting maps of Poland and the world. Another one was poured with sand. In addition, we have mini walking alleys with semi-circular seating for rest, the skatepark mentioned above. And above all a lot of ladders, slides, swings, climbing ropes, rocking. Everything a child requires from a playground. I know because I was a child once.

The two annual festivities held in the park mentioned earlier are also a paradise for children. Dozens, if not hundreds of attractions, are always prepared for them. As part of these events, classes, theaters, workshops, toy stands and inflatable castles are created for kids.

When completing the description of attractions for a child, it is worth knowing that at the intersection of the main avenues there is a veturilo station with mini bicycles for children, and nearby tables for board games towards Poborzańska Street.

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Park in the future

What has already happened in this text: ongoing revitalization. As part of it, we have already completed the Children's Sensory Garden, about which I wrote a few words above. What else is ahead of us?

Construction of two new pavilions is planned. One will stand at the site of Przystanek Gofrowo, and the other at the exit of the park, near the intersection of Kondratowicza and Chodecka. They will probably have some cafes and confectioneries.

Asphalt alleys will be replaced by granulated aggregate. After all, asphalt in the parks is a relic of the old system and should be disposed of from the parks. What's next? Replacement of benches, creation of a central square with roofed tables, demarcation and equipment of a dog run.

I am certainly waiting for the renewal of age-old ponds, which, despite regular cleaning, overgrow with algae. Part of one of them will be separated and organized as a floor fountain, equipped with lighting, and the largest pond in winter will turn into an ice rink. For more details, please refer to article on

You have to admit that it sounds good, right?

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