Sculpture Park in Bródno

Visiting such places as the Sculpture Park, which has settled in the Bródno Park, on the one hand I am glad that a place such as a city park can be further enhanced. On the other hand, contemporary art does not appeal to me in most cases.

What does it look like in the Sculpture Park? In my subjective opinion, most works are defended, although there are so-called "mistakes". Before you feel offended, please remember that I am a layman when it comes to art. And my feelings are the usual impressions of a "street man" who has never graduated from artistic studies

What works does the Sculpture Park contain?

A word of introduction, what is the Sculpture Park in general and why did it find its place in the Bródno Park?

The Sculpture Park was created on the initiative of the local artist Paweł Althamer, hence the location - Bródno - should not come as a surprise. As Mr. Paweł deals with modern art, the patronage of the Museum of Modern Art cannot be surprising. And the third of the "co-creators" - the Targówek City Hall? Well, he probably issued permits and added it to the project as it happens in the case of offices (but I don't judge, only think :)).

It is a group of various works in the field of modern art scattered throughout the Bródno Park. The assumption was to increase their number one year, but according to the latest announcement, there will be no more sculptures in the park.

I encourage everyone to find a free day, go to the park and with the map available at this link, he sought out the sculptures and evaluated them personally. For this reason, I would like to express my impressions about the work succinctly and briefly. I will present it in chronological order, just like the sculptures appeared, starting from 2009 (then there were three sculptures, but to be honest, I don't know in which order). Those more interested in information on what specific sculptures are to present, who their authors are and what their goals were, I invite you to official site of the Sculpture Park. The following art descriptions have been downloaded from this page.


Established in: 2009
Author: Monika Sosnowska
Technique: sculpture, reinforcing bars, painting layer (industrial paint), reinforced concrete foundation
Dimensions: 400 × 400 × 400 cm

This is one of those works that I don't care about. Just an ordinary sphere, pleasing to the eye, seated in a park clearing. Kids like climbing on it. At present (21.10.2019) probably undergoing conservation, because the foundation is surrounded by a grid, and the sphere is gone.

Tea house

Established in: 2009
Author: Rirkrit Tiravanija
Technique: installation, polished steel, construction, spatial object constituting a functional work of art, sometimes in the summer adapted for a cafe
Dimensions: 280 × 280 × 280 cm

It looks more like a UFO object than a tea house. One time I saw something happening there, although some time ago new stairs appeared. Another of the objects next to which I pass indifferently, although in my opinion it is more ugly than it beautifies the park's image.



Established in: 2009
Author: Paweł Althamer
Technique: sculpture-garden, open garden arrangement in a separate space of the Bródnowski Park; various species of trees, flowering shrubs and flowers; changes over time and under the influence of external conditions
Dimensions: variable

Undoubtedly, this is one of the cooler concepts. A colorful garden with diverse vegetation located as a quiet corner by one of the park ponds. A beautiful plant portal leads to it, although it has not been 'closed' for several years. Very charming and beautiful place, both in summer and autumn.


You are not alone (Would Earth exist without the Sun?)

Established: 2010
Author: Susan Philipsz
Technique: sound installation

The first of intangible works in the park. It is a pole with speakers, from which every 15 minutes a sound is emitted to reflect the signals of radio stations. I will skip the feeling whether it is still art or a higher form of expression unknown to ordinary people. It is important that when you go sunbathing in the park, you know when to turn around

untitled (Painting interventions)

Established: 2010
Author: Katarzyna Przezwańska
Technique: painting, industrial paint, several painting "interventions" in the park
Dimensions: variable

Damn it, is it still art or a creative idea to fill in the gaps in the pavement and cracked concrete. The idea is simply great and since park "paths" still remember engineer Tarczyńska (who designed the park), someone had to clean it up. With the help of ordinary paint, you can spice up the park. I like that!



Established: 2010
Author: Paweł Althamer & Nowolipie Group
Technique: sculpture bronze cast, object installed in the water reservoir, acting as a fountain
Dimensions: 325 × 100 × 70 cm

And here is my winner. Undoubtedly, the greatest work in the entire Sculpture Park. When I hear 'modern art', I would like to see such works. There is an idea, artistry, performance, a combination of art and functionality. A lying woman - Sylwia, from whose nipples water gushes out (the sculpture is also a fountain). In addition, when the water is drained from ponds for the winter, you can come closer and discover the multitude of details of this work (especially in the hair).



Established: 2011
Author: Youssouf Dara, Paweł Althamer
Technique: wood, straw
Dimensions: variable

This sculpture is also a place where you can hide from the sun or rain while waiting for the bus (located on the edge of the park, right next to the stop). In Dogo culture, toguna is a meeting place for male residents of the village, while in Bródno culture it is a meeting place for beer by male residents of the estate. In addition, plus from me for the carvings that show that we still have art in hand.



Established: 2012
Author: Jens Haaning
Technique: sculpture, bricks, mortar, reinforcing bars, reinforced concrete foundation
Dimensions: 323.5 x 1591.5 x 51 cm

My second favorite park sculpture. Our kind of local 'Hollywood'; At least, that's how I associate it. The inscription set on the park hill is like a kind of stamp. A signpost that says: "You are in Bródno."


Guardian Angel

Established in: 2013
Author: Roman Stańczak
Technique: wood, gold leaf, steel core, concrete foundation
Dimensions: 390x270x60 cm, plinth height: 460 cm

The restored sculpture, this year (2019) has returned to its place again and shimmers with shades of gold. Once, this sculpture did not suit me completely around the park and it still does not quite fit. However, when you get closer, something in this angel captivates and it's nice that it's just decorating the Bródno Sculpture Park.


To find

Established: 2014
Author: Ai Weiwei

A sculpture that is not there 🙂 This work is fragments of a broken replica of a 14th-century vase. Dig somewhere in the park. If you want to admire this 'work' then you have to take a shovel and dig the park ...


Established in: 2015
Author: Honorata Martin

Now it is getting interesting. It seems to me that the previous work was the first symptom of the lack of ideas, but in 2015 the famous 'performance' reached Bródno. Namely, the author pitched a tent in the park, added to this the ideology of rapprochement with the residents of Bródno and is called art. I will not continue to torment. For me, a simple man, performance is a way in which people without talent sell themselves as artists. It's enough to add some social story to a stupid idea. After this performance, we have at least the texts of two poems painted on park paths, so there is some positive.



Established in: 2016
Author: Nik Kosmas
Technique: -
Dimensions: 250 × 90 × 100 cm

If the two previous works were at least strange, the Ladder is undoubtedly an example of why modern art should not be taken seriously. Either something is art or it is not. If someone puts a ladder for gymnastic exercises and calls it a sculpture, then I congratulate all workers named Wiesio who every day assemble similar installations on hundreds of playgrounds in the country.


Residents from Bródno

Established in: 2016-17
Author: collective work

When I thought that the Sculpture Park would not present anything interesting, this sculpture was created. This is a collective work of the residents of Bródno. A strange construction created from everyday objects and then cast in the Center of Polish Sculpture. It restored my faith in modern art because it is creative and has "something" in it. Whenever I pass by, I discover a new detail every time, and this is probably what makes it special for me.



Established in: 2018
Author: Transformacja Foundation

Not so much sculpture as design. The local Bródno conservatory, where edible plants and herbs grow. As a result of the work of the Bródno community, a very nice initiative was created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Sculpture Park. Unfortunately, recently destroyed by some idiots (October 2019), may it be renewed in the spring and attract the local community again


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