Resursa Obywatelska

The building of Resursa Obywatelska is one of those buildings that remind Warsaw of the forgotten architectural style of eclecticism.

The building, erected by a society called Resursa Obywatelska, took its name after it, although the organization itself ceased to exist when World War II broke out. Today, the building is the seat of the "Polish Community" Association, and a place where we can eat very tasty.

Resursa Obywatelska
Address: Krakowskie Przedmieście 64 (Śródmieście; MSI Śródmieście Północne)

What was Resursa Obywatelska?

Nowe Towarzystwo Resursowe, because that was the first name, was an association of a social and cultural character, created as a result of a split in the Merchant's Association. The latter, founded in 1820, brought together merchants and citizens, and with time representatives of the financiers, aristocracy and other professions.

In 1870 the society was renamed Resursa Obywatelska. Its members were still landowners and property owners, as well as artists, officials, merchants and industrialists.

In 1860, they bought the area where Zamoyska Palace stood and the older (17th-century) manor house of the Lubomirski family located in the back of the property. Then they demolished all the buildings and built within a year new building, based on the design by Edward Cichocki (facade) and Piotr L. Karasiński (interiors). This magnificent building became a place where members of the society organized numerous balls, lectures and social meetings.

Even though the building burnt down in 1939, its exterior was faithfully recreated after the war. However, the interiors themselves have already been redesigned.

Resursa Obywatelska - Delicja Polska (1)

Register of monuments

Since 1965, the building of the Resursa Obywatelska has been listed in the register of monuments. It presents a beautiful eclectic garment, combining the features of Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Baroque and Neoclassicism.

The most interesting architectural forms are certainly:

  • belvedere, which is also the third floor of the building;
  • a beautiful portico supported by Tuscan columns, creating a spacious terrace at the top, surrounded by a baluster railing;
  • differentiation of pilasters and columns (Tuscan, Corinthian, Ionian) and window openings (semicircular, rectangular, segmentally closed) in each condition;
  • a rich frieze crowning each storey;
  • a balustrade attic with the date 1861 (construction completion) and a sculptural group by Wojciech Święcicki (now a copy), depicting allegorical figures: Poetry, Music and Singing, accompanied by cupids.

Resursa Obywatelska - Delicja Polska (2)

Inside Resursa

Currently, the building is the seat Association "Polish Community". The organization focuses on cooperation between the Polish Diaspora and Poles around the world and the Homeland. It is cooperation on the level of education, science, culture, religion, economy, tourism and sport.

Moreover, the association disseminates the knowledge of Polish culture and contemporary phenomena in the social, economic and political life of the country in the Polish community. And the other hand, often in front of the Resursa building outdoor exhibitions are presented, concerning the life of our countrymen abroad, or in the former borderlands, currently located outside Poland.

I also recommend history enthusiasts and others films that you can find on the association's website.

Gastronomy: Delicja Polska and Chłopskie Jadło

There are also two restaurants in Resursa Obywatelska.

The first is Delicja Polska. An excellent restaurant, one of the leading gastronomic places in Warsaw (34th position in Warsaw according to tripadvisor / as of July 21, 2020). We once had the pleasure of having a romantic dinner there. Without a shadow of a doubt, we admit that this place is perfect for this type of evening. However, you have to take into account a bit more expenditure (the full option is about PLN 200 for two people).

Resursa Obywatelska - Delicja Polska (5)

On the other hand, there is a decent place called Chłopskie Jadło, which is one of the three restaurants in Warsaw operating under this name. Polish food, tasty, rich and decently priced (especially if we take into account the location).

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